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Record Part I


After receiving the National Mobilization Order and Peacetime to wartime transition Instructions, the provincial government and the provincial military leadership to determine the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee immediately convened an extended meeting of the Standing Committee.
Comrades,We are convening an extended meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, mainly to discuss major issues related to our province’s plan of peacetime to wartime transition.
First, Comrade Zhang Hu will convey the national mobilization directives and instructions from the Central Military Commission (only from President Xi) and the State Department on transitioning from peacetime to wartime state and proposal of peacetime and wartime transition.
首先请张虎同志传达国家动员令 (国家动员令只有习可以发出) 和国务院中央军委关于转入战时体制的指示精神,提出平战转换建议。
I will first convey the mobilization orders of the People's Republic of China.The main purpose of the extended meeting of the Standing Committee is to convey orders from superiors, understand intentions, assess the situation, and clarify the main work and overall requirements for the peacetime-wartime transition.
According to superior directives, as well as combining the actual situation in our province. It is recommended to conduct all military actions in accordance with the principles of peace/war transition,and mixed military and civilian forces operate to implement the principle of a prompt and disciplined strategy.
Emphasis will be placed on the following three tasks:
First, to form a national defense mobilization command mechanism.
Second, the implementation of wartime work institutions
Third, initiate wartime administrative control preparations
Next, please discuss the statement
Guided by the operational concept of aggregation of advantage in multi-domains and accurate mobilization
Three suggestions based on the mission and tasks of Guangdong Province.
One, immediately establish a military and non-military (the local government of the garrison) unification and cooperation command system
Second, the integration of the mobilization of strategic preparation for victory
The focus of the Taiwan Strait is: Replenish sources of troops, frontline momentum protection and guarantee, armors and logistics protection, air and sea route protection, and guaranteed successful island landing
The focus of the South China Sea is: Patching blind spots, maintaining rights and interests, supporting transportation, guarding islands and reefs, and controlling sea territory.
(Cooperate with the Taiwan Strait war, increase the surveillance area in the South China Sea area, and use the civil transformation vessels to support the military defense and South China sea area control of the islands and reefs in the South China Sea by using the maritime defense. At the same time, must do good support for transport of people and goods to the Taiwan Sea.)
As such, I believe we should direct base on needs, combination of unified and diversified, grasp the differences, and do a good job of strategic decisive mobilization pre-preparation in an integrated approach
Third, prominent transformation of combat in novel-domains and capabilities potential, to focus on effectively making up for the inadequacy of the military, insist on placing scientific and technological mobilization in a prominent position to mobilize support for front-line preparations.,by the provincial military district in conjunction with the relevant authorities to further explore the conversion the abilities of proper detection and early warning, strengthen the cyber attack and defense, search and rescue, cross-sea delivery the combat in novel-domains and capabilities that is urgently needed for the decisive battle, ensure that the very optimal resources and guarantee the strategic final victory.
Adhere to the idea of while ensuring support for the frontline of the war, ensure the military-civil security and stability at same time. Improve prevention of any incident and full control of society activities with tight monitoring and strict enforcement.
Secretary, Deputy Secretary, My opinion is: Resolutely implement the orders of the Party Central Committee and President Xi, resolutely completing the Guangdong mission to protect the resources and guarantee the decisive victory in strategy.
张虎(Zhang Hu):书记、副书记,我的意见是: 坚决执行党中央习主席的命令,坚决完成资源保障、战略决胜的广东使命。
In another way, I would like to make two suggestions.
First, rapid establishment of the joint military-civil command center
Second, paying significant attention to the issue of self-defense, adhere to the bottom-line thinking, pre-planning, defense before attack , The security and defense in the whole-process. Take important military and civil targets in the Pearl River Delta super dense cities and the region as the priority zones, early planning, coordinated combat preparations for air defense, target defense, maximum protection of people's lives and property, maximum to maintain the mobilization potential of stabilization and sustainability.
(In order to ensure the ability to sustain the mobilization of people's resources to support the war for the maximum extent possible, should be guaranteed the safety of people's lives and property.)
I would like to propose one additional point:Adhere to the idea of one hand to protect the front line, the other hand to grasp the stability of ideology, strict and tight, Improve prevention and control of social stabilization, start the Party, government, military, police and civilian joint defense and control mechanism, and particular measures for wartime control.Use the experience and practices gained from the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in previous years as a means of converting wartime social prevention and control initiatives. Ensure the organized production and life of the people and the stability of the public situation of society to create a favorable environment and conditions for strategic decisive victory.
After other leaders with the Committee put forward relevant proposals, the governor put forward the relevant requirements, the provincial party secretary made the decision to deploy:
According to the deployment of the Party Central Committee, the most urgent and top priority thing is to comply with the requirements of ensuring production, ensuring mobilization and ensuring victory, scientific coordination, effective and well-organized production, conversion and expansion, and stable production.
At all levels, all regions and departments in the province should quickly adjust the focus of the work from the grasp of economic development to ensure strategic victory. According to the principle of military and civilian integration, military products first, the overall focus on military production and civilian production.
To promulgate policy measures which targeted the war-time. Encourage to guide and support the conversion and expansion of high technology enterprises listed in the "Combat Novel Domains and Capabilities Potential Resources".
To use a combination of political, economic, administrative, legal and other measures, to guide and help provincial enterprises, leading private enterprises to retain workers and stabilize production.
Fellow comrades,strategic decisive victory is not only a matter of national rejuvenation and the future fate of our country, but also impact on the world's strategic pattern. Therefore, the implementation of the transition of the peacetime to wartime is a key step in winning the overall national war, the overall political war, and the people's war of the new era, and must be seized.
First, to unify the ideological understanding, reinforcing the self-awareness of peacetime to wartime transition , do not hesitate to fight, crush the Taiwan independence movement and strong enemy plot, resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, is the Party Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping comprehensive international and domestic two big situation, the overall situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation strategy, evaluate the situation to make a major strategic decision.
We must consciously strengthen the Guangdong responsibilities, with a high degree of political judgment, political comprehension, political executive, the ideological and operational unity to the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission's decisions and deployments,collective purpose from a fortress, support guarantee, strategic victory, to ensure that the mission is not humiliated, to live up to the important trust.
Second, to do a good job of organizing command, clarify peacetime transfer to wartime reasonably, just now, comrade Zhou He, comrade Wang Shouxin proposed the idea to establish a military-civilian joint headquarters, I agree with the establishment of the command party committee, will be reported to the higher party committee for approval in accordance with the provisions. All industries in the province special command post, to resolutely obey the unified command of the joint command, the military and various departments at all levels, both to their respective duties and to work closely together to ensure that the party, government, military, police and civilians together, combined forces to win.
Third, we must coordinate and grasp, coordinate and promote the implementation, enhance the turn to win, in the overall plot, to accurately grasp, the rhythm, scope and intensity of the peacetime and wartime transition , both to fully protect the needs of the troops, support front-line operations, but also consider the lives of the majority, to ensure the security of the home front.
In the mobilization focus, to coordinate the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea two directions, to improve the security of the sea and land region, the use of traditional and new type two forces, the province and overseas two resources, focus on the concentration of resources to protect the security of the Taiwan Strait direction.
Organization and implementation, to coordinate economically developed cities and relatively backward districts, general industry fields and key industry fields, to ensure an efficient and organized transfer to the wartime system.
Fourth, we must unify the wartime management, stabilize the bottom line of transition, and to firm up the bottom-line thinking, closely following the actual situation that there are many people and factories and enterprises from outside of our province, we should strictly prevent the tide of financial run, the tide of factory evacuation and the tide of migrant workers returning home.Closely related to the province's strategic channels, more important objectives of the actual, we should guarantee the road protection, target defense and other work, to prevent enemy struck and attacked.Close to our province’s border with Hong Kong and Macao and long sea defenses, we must carefully guard against enemy invasion and sabotage, to prevent the use of Hong Kong to disrupt China, to disrupt the war, etc.
In short, we should take multiple measures and adopt a combination of measures to ensure the stability of the population and order and the home front.
After the meeting, the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee issued the minutes of the meeting, suggesting that all departments should immediately set up a military-civilian joint headquarters and a combat command post in accordance with the meeting's deployment, make specific plans for deployment, and organize the transformation of the province from peace to war.

Record Part II

All leaders, according to the spirit of the Central Military Commission of the State Council’s instructions on the transition from peacetime to wartime, and the decision of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, our province completed the establishing of military and local command structures at 18:00 on April 18.
各位首长,根据国务院中央军委平战转换指示精神,和省委常委会研究决定,我省于 4月18日 18时,完成军地各级指挥机构开设。
1.Formation of the command unit, including the provincial military-civilian joint headquarters, the command post in the direction of the South China Sea, and several special mobilization command posts.
The Provincial Military-civilian Joint Command Post, which is established by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, the Provincial Military District and the Provincial National Mobilization Committee and its related member units, as well as with the Armed Police Mobile Sixth Detachment which affiliated with the Armed Police Guangdong General Forced, Coast Defense 311 Brigade elite personnel compiled, opened for the provincial military district combat command center in due course to transfer to the provincial strategic equipment command post.
The Provincial Military-Civilian joint Headquarters, as the highest decision-making and command authority in this jurisdiction commanding the adoption of national defense mobilization, as the commander of its own jurisdiction, uses national defense mobilization resources, directly accepts the command of the eastern and southern theaters, and focuses on planning and organizing strategic decision-making and national defense mobilization operations, as well as the defensive operations throughout the province.
Command post in the direction of the South China Sea, made up of the elite forces in the command, sent to the Zhanjiang area in due course, focusing on the direction of the South China Sea maritime participation in support of front-line operations, organizational planning and command and control.
Delicate command post relies on the relevant departments of the military and industry systems, for each lead unit to open the formation of people's air defense, transportation mobilization, national economic mobilization, public opinion and propaganda, stability and chaos maintenance, and other twelve dedicated command posts. Each command post, under the unified command of the provincial military and local joint command, organizes and implements mobilization tasks and organizes and directs dedicated operations in different fields.
2, Format the command posts, the provincial military-civilian joint headquarters, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary for the General Commander, the Governor, the Provincial Military Region Commander, Political Commissar will be the commander.
Establish the center of command and control, and the center of defense mobilization, and the three departments, management and coordination, political work, logistic and equipment support department, the command and control center is mainly responsible for ensuring that the commander make the determination to participate in the war to support front-line operations, such as command and control of ground defense, maritime reconnaissance, people's air defense, and assistance in anti-terrorism and stability operations.
The National Defense Mobilization Center is primarily responsible for guaranteeing the commander's determination to mobilize, organizing and coordinating the implementation of national defense mobilization missions, managing mobilization support, assembly, transportation, handover and other actions; the other three departments are responsible for the planning, organization and coordination of related areas.
3, Command decision-making operational mechanism requires the establishment of unified leadership, stand-long sub-domain decision-making and coordination and the implementation of the command decision-making and functioning patterns.
3, 指挥决策运行机制,建立统一领导,分域决策,协调落实的指挥决策与运行模式,
The first is to set up a Chinese Communist Party Committee of the headquarters with unified leadership. The first secretary shall be the secretary of the provincial party committee, political committee of the provincial military district, the governor of the province and the commander of the provincial military district as secretary and deputy secretary. The Party Committee collectively researches and makes decisions on major matters of engagement in support of the front line and national defense mobilization.
一,是设立统一领导的指挥部党委,第一书记由省委书记担任,书记和副书记分别由省军区政治委员,省长和省军区司令员担任,党委集体对參戰支前 ,和国防动员重大事项进行研究决策。
The second is clear that the division of responsibility for sub-domain decision-making, the party committee made a decision, the commander of the division of responsibility for the implementation, the governor is responsible for organizing the implementation of mobilization tasks, the commander of the provincial military district is responsible for organizing and directing participation in the war in support of front-line operations and organizing the implementation of mobilization tasks in cooperation with the provincial governor, the political commissar of the provincial military district is responsible for organizing and leading political work, in collaboration with the commander of the organization and command of the relevant action.
二,是明确分域决策的分工负责制,党委作出决定后,由指挥员分工负责,贯彻执行,省长负责组织动员任务落实,省军区司令员负责组织指挥参战支前 行动,协同省长组织动员任务落实,省军区政治委员负责组织领导政治工作,协同司令员组织指挥有关行动。
The third is the convergence of synergistic implementation of work execution, to establish the affairs cooperation, contact consultation mechanism. Prior to discussing the list of issues, feedback mobilization process in the middle of the event, and jointly evaluate the effectiveness of the results after the implementation, to achieve fast and efficient command.
Fourth, to safeguard the chain of command, on top of relying on the data and information room information security. All levels of government have to mobilize a militarized block to secure the communication of the whole system, according to the scale of a battalion at the provincial level, a company at the municipal level and a platoon at the county level.
Using military and civilian means at all levels, four main links are constructed:
First, establish the command information link from the Joint Command Center of the Military Commission to the Joint Command Center of the theater, as well as to the provincial, municipal and county military joint command institutions; mainly rely on the joint combat command information system of the theater, and integrate the secret information remote delivery system into the joint combat system.
Second, the military committee defense mobilization department to the provincial military district leadership management and business guidance information link mainly relies on 509 + platform, national defense mobilization task information command system to assist mobilization organization and command.
Third, the command communication link between the military-civilian joint command organization of the province, city and county to the task force, mainly relying on the ultra-short wave and Tiantong-1 satellite phone, establishes mobile communication in motion.
Fourth, the communication link between the army and the local command, relying on the Hong Ji ( made in Shenzhen Ding Yi Hong Ji ) e-government intranet confidential encryption system to communicate with each other, deploy national defense mobilization information system in relevant local departments and introduce various types of local data and information in the joint command of provincial military districts to open up the connection between the military and the ground.
End of report!

Record Part III


We'll skip the topic of rehearsal on the Peacetime to Wartime Transition for today! Let's move on to the next agenda, the mobilization planning exercise.
After receiving instructions from higher commanders, the joint military-civil command center of Guangdong Province held a party committee meeting to understand the task, analyze the situation, the central departments revised and improved the plan, resulted in a determined recommendation:
Comrades, the meeting starts now. Eastern and Southern Theater Command on national defense mobilization and ground defense operations order instructions issued, we specifically held a party committee to understand the intent, understand the task, clearly put the relevant major issues, the centers and departments, in accordance with the spirit of the party committee, the national defense mobilization and ground defense operations revised, next we'll hold a task planning meeting to study the planning, mobilization and ground defense operations tasks, first, we'll have the command and control center to convey and help understand the mission:
Commanders, our mission comes from three areas:
First, the Eastern and Southern Theater Command ordered our province a total of 20 types of mobilization tasks, 239 items, including 1,358 various types of squads , a total of 140,000 people, 953 ships of various types, and 1653 various unmanned equipment / sets. There are 20 airports and docks, 6 repair and shipbuilding factories, 14 emergency transfer centers, and resources such as grain depots, hospitals, blood stations, oil depots, and gas stations.
Second, the National Defense Mobilization Recruitment Office will recruit new recruits, veterans, and special talents totaling 15,500 people in our province.
Third, as the National Mobilization Committee clarified, our province is responsible for providing national strategic resources, the mobilization tasks including mainly 10,000-ton class trains/ships totaling 64 ships, 38 aircrafts, 588 train cabins and civil facilities such as airports and houses.
After research and evaluation, our province's tasks can be summarized as five parts :
First, strive to protect the decisive battle in the Taiwan strait, gather the resources of the whole province to ensure the cooperation between the local In particular, the mobilization of the requisition of sea and air transport capacity to protect troops cross the strait, to ensure that the island capture troops are able to get through it, to keep up, to attack.
Second, be able to conduct long-range strike ( Extra long distance strike capability, longer than 300 kilometers ), form the new ocean-going forces, to reconnaissance, submarine search, search and rescue outside the first island chain, to support the PLA Rocket Force pre-deployment, support the wounded rescue and ships and aircraft repair.
二是,支持远弋 (超远距离打击能力300公里以上) 基本,组织远洋新式力量,对第一岛链外侦察、搜潜、搜救,保障火箭军部队前推部署,支援部队抢救伤员和维修舰机充分发挥作用。
Third, to participate in the unobstructed project in South China Sea, mobilize professional emergency repair and sea and air transmission resources to assist troops in repairing the tower reefs, organize militia fishing boats to deal with the invasions from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries, and fight the people's war at sea.
Fourth, to assist Hong Kong and Macao to maintain stability, organize road traffic control, mobilize high-speed passenger ships, helicopters and other air and sea transportation to protect the rapid transit of troops to pass the border. Organize ports control, maintain the social order of Hong Kong and Macao, to prevent the enemy from creating chaos from Hong Kong to China.
Fifth, to maintain the stability of the home front , combine the power of the party, government, military, police and civil as a whole, to help guard 61 important military targets and 276 important civilian targets, High-handed control of the people and coercive management of society to reduce people's discontent and resistance and continue to move the war forward. Over!
We've just had the command and control center conveys and designates the mission. Next, we'll have Governor Wang Weizhong to organize the study of mobilization planning tasks. Now, let's go through the task of mobilization planning. First, we'll have the National Defense Mobilization Center to brief.
刚才,指挥控制中心传达理解 任务。下面,请伟中省长组织研究筹划动员任务。现在,研究筹划动员任务。先请国防动员中心报告有关情况。

Record Part IV

Wang Weizhong ( Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Governor) :
王伟中( 广东省委副书记,省长 ):

During these two days, the Vice Governor (Guang Dong province) Zhizhong Wang(王志中) coordinated the mobilization tasks in the two strategic directions of the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, analyzed and compared the potential resources of our province (Guang Dong province), and revised the mobilization plan.
The related report is as follows:
First, mobilization guidance, follow the mobilization guidance of focusing on the Taiwan Strait as highest priority, coordinating the Two Seas (the East China Sea and the South China Sea) , Integrating the system, joining and Gathering Recasting , Gathering Energy and Strength, and Situational-oriented mobilization. Coordinate the deployment of the province's potential resources, deeply dig into the mobilization of combat in novel-domains and capabilities, priority is given to ensuring the victory of the decisive battle in the Taiwan Strait, coordinate the safeguarding of the South China Sea side support, and comprehensively respond to local (“local” indicated the Guang Dong) and Hong Kong and Macao chain reactions.
第一,动员指导,遵循聚焦台海,统筹两海 (东海和南海),聚合体系 (以军队编制的军事力量,把民兵加入军事体系) ,联合重铸 (就是军民融合) ,聚能心力 (听从党的唯一指挥, 思想统一),形势主导的动员指导。统筹调配全省潜力资源,深挖新域新质动员潜力,优先保障台海決戰決勝 ,统筹保障南海策应,综合应对地方和港澳地区连锁反应。
Second, creating a three-zone deployment of mobilization.
1, is to arrange the frontline mobilization, the frontier position of the strategic decision-making composed by four cities in eastern Guangdong (粤东四市).
2, The side support area of the South China Sea direction is established by the form the key response to strategic decision-making. This response to strategic decision-making is composed of seven cities in western Guangdong and northern Guangdong.
3, the core mobilization of ​​mobile support is established by the important support for strategic decision-making composed of the main deployment sites of six major cities in the Pearl River Delta and 74th Group Army constitute.
Third, task distribution, focuses on completing the following five main tasks.
1、Recruitment:to recruit paramilitaries and related personnel. The recruitment follows the principle of corresponding the professional requirements, balancing the burden, leaving redundancy, ensuring approval, and taking into account the continuity(this may indicate no focusing recruitment, to make sure the recruitment is sustainable in the long term development ), reservists are recruited according to their professions, retired soldiers are mainly recruited from the rear security area, and specially recruited talents are mainly recruited from the Pearl River Delta industrial cluster.
2、Maritime support mobilization. Including ro-ro ships, fishing vessels, rescue vessels, multi-purpose vessels, and other vessels/boats. The mobilization is majorly from provincial industry systems and 14 mobilization coastal cities.
3、The Resource mobilization of combat in novel-domains and capabilities. Including special reconnaissance, oceanic early waring, cyberspace, underwater detection, unmanned combat resources and other combat in novel-domains and capabilities, this discovery and mobilization is majorly basic on the core area of ​​the Pearl River Delta.
4、Mobilization of equipment and materials. Including dockyards, grain depots, blood stations, oil depots, gas stations, etc., following the principle of integration of sections and blocks, the mobilization is majorly carried out from economic centers at all levels, material support bases, and regional comprehensive support centers.
5、Mobilization of ground defense forces,due to the shortage of local military and police forces in support of the war front, including militia detachment and national defense mobilization professional teams. Mobilize in local place, use it in local place. This mobilization is mainly conducted by each city that combines their tasks.
Among the mobilization tasks given all 239 above tasks in 8 categories of the step-by-step mobilization plan have been implemented.
The newly added 43 tasks in 3 categories, take the action of cross-regional coordination and deployment of emergency expansion and formation, and organization of field expansion and supplementation. Overall, the task can be completed.
However, in the implementation of the mobilization task, the following two aspects also need to be highly focused on.
the recruitment of soldiers issue. The recruitment of 15,500 soldiers need to be completed in one month, especially the first batch of 2,500 soldiers. The time to achieve this recruitment is very urgent.
2、the mobilization of maritime support, mainly due to the heavy tasks of all kinds of ship-weaponization, the high-quality rate of crew members during wartime, there are still some compatible issues about adaptation rate (适配率) of equipments. The report is complete.
Just now, the National Defense Mobilization Center reported on the implementation of the mobilization task. The task is basically clear, and the key is whether it can be implemented. These two high focus issues are particularly important. Any additional comments?
I will make an additional statement on coordinating the implementation of strategic resources at the national level.
The National Mobilization Committee has made it clear that the national strategic resources within Guangdong Province will be given an unified order of recruitment by the National Mobilization Committee and the Strategic Direction Coordination Group (战略方向协调组). To clear the mobilization task.
Our province is responsible for coordinating and implementing the work of gathering, grouping, refitting, transporting and handing over works/tasks. This task has many coordination links and a long implementation chains.
For example, 10,000-ton ro-ro ships, it has to cooperate with the national shipping authority to recruit and weaponized plans, and at the same time need to organize the formation of on-board militia for each ship, equip ships with weapons, and organize transportation and handover.
We must stand at the overall picture, and earnestly complete this task. It is suggested that in accordance with the principles of unified decision-making, graded implementation, and industry-specific guidance, the relevant provincial industry departments guide each city, and each of you must concentrate on the implementation of the above tasks .
In addition, in recent years, combat in novel-domains and capabilities of our province has developed rapidly.I see that there are many needs in the tasks proposed by the troops, and we should also pay attention to the implementation of this part of the tasks.
Any additional comments?

Record Part V

If there is no doubt, then we will focus on the three main tasks about recruiting soldiers, mobilizing maritime support, and mobilizing the forces of the combat in novel-domains and capabilities.
First of all, let’s discuss the issue of recruiting soldiers, please make a speech.
Commander, let me make a speech about the issue of urgency of recruitment from three aspects:
First,In order to recruit soldiers as soon as possible first time quickly, directly with the help of big data technology to lock the right candidate, and then handed over to the grassroots organization staff to complete the recruitment.(The big data of CCP has personal data of all people and can quickly screen suitable personnel for the type of soldiers)
Second, Immediate physical examination and investigation of political affiliation. Simultaneously organize physical examinations and historical investigations of political affiliation, and determine the recruiting target at the first time.
Third, assemble and handover quickly. Coordinate with the military transportation department, quickly organize and arrange transportation plans, assemble and deliver personnel before the time nodes.
It is suggested that Health and Public Security Departments should assist in opening up special channels for the off-site physical examinations and investigation of political affiliation across the province to provide the on-the-spot services for recruitment.
Deputy Secretary, please make sure to accomplish the off-site physical examinations and investigations of political affiliation across the province.
Ok! I’d like to add up!
We have feedback that since we’re going to start a war now, some people are eager to participate, while others are afraid, timid, and escaping from the war!
I suggest we should strengthen the effort of propaganda. All mainstream media should propagate our determination of strategic victory to conquer Taiwan, which relates to the reunification of China and the great rejuvenation of the nation! And we should also stimulate the people’s determination to fight against our enemies together in Guangdong province.
On the other hand, we should increase the efforts of soldier assistance! Regarding the new recruits, we should solve their problems, regularly comfort them and eliminate their concerns after the recruitment. For their outstanding performances, especially the soldiers who get awards, we should notify their families timely, reward them publicly and treat them well.
I’d like to add that, besides positive incentives, we must strengthen punishment in accordance with the law! For those who refuse to be recruited, the government should persuade them timely or impose administrative sanctions according to law. Those who are members of CCP, should be punished according to the Party's discipline. If the circumstances are serious, punish them severely and expose them publicly according to the Criminal Law and Military Service Law.
End of report! 报告完毕!

Record Part VI


Based on existing methods of recruitment, Departments at all levels in Guangdong should set up a Wartime Recruitment Agency. Government departments such as health, public security, education, and veteran service must cooperate fully. Try the best to serve for the recruitment and make greater effort to propaganda. No matter how urgent and difficult the task is, we must complete it in time with high standards.
Next, let’s discuss the issue of mobilizing maritime support. Please make a speech!
I’d like to make a speech about ship weaponization. 我就船舶加改装问题作发言。
The task assigned by the Southern Theater Command is to complete 365 ships weaponization (include ro-ro ships)within 45 days. In addition, there are 64 ships occupied by the national departments within our jurisdiction, and 8 ships are literally assigned to our province.
There are 90 capable ship repair and construction enterprises in the whole province, which can weaponize 113 ships at one time. And 280 ships can be weaponized within this month in total.
However, considering the distribution of those enterprises, high-quality ship repair and construction sources are mostly integrated in Guangzhou, Yangjiang and Dongguan. The ability to weaponize ships in eastern Guangdong is weak.
So we suggest three methods to solve.
First, integrate advantages. By making full use of large repair and construction shipyard in the whole province, integrate those ships of more than 1,000 tons, and then classify and weaponize those ships.
Second, multi-point distribution. 23 wharfs are selected in coastal cities to quickly weaponize the fishing ship.
Third, transfer sources. Transfer sources from Guangzhou, Jiangmen and Zhanjiang to strengthen the ability of weaponization in eastern GuangDong.
I suggest, coordinating with the Agricultural and Rural Economic Organization, the relevant task is headed by us and then we impose it on all cities.
You undertake and implement this task. You should also foresee all kinds of complicated situations, especially to strengthen the defense of shipyards and ensure the purchase and supply of raw materials and accessories. Think carefully in all aspects and make sure to implement this task in time.
It was mentioned that the cadres and equipment deployment should be strengthened in the mobilization task proposal. What do you think about it?
Commander! Regarding the fleet formation and the deployment of personnel and equipment, we prepare to do as follow.
First, strengthen the deployment of cadres on ships. According to the different aim and usage of support tasks, cadres are divided into 3 brigades, 45 squadrons, and 135 divisions. There are 231 cadres on board, including 3 regimental cadres, 45 battalion cadres and 183 other army cadres.
Second, optimize the deployment of militia on ships. Take a mix mode based on crew, veterans and equipment. The delivery ship mainly focuses on defense, medical staff and correspondent are also included in. 10,000-ton ships are equipped with a Platoon, 1,000-ton and 100-ton ships are equipped with a Squad. Each group of militia is equipped with defense forces and the equipment operators.
Third, install all kinds of high-tech equipment to meet the demands of the latest tasks of the maritime militia. More than 2,000 sets of high-tech unmanned equipment are installed for the militia fighting, such as radar and sonar.
End of report 报告完毕
Comrade Jun Zou! The National Defense Mobilization Center demanded 231 cadres on board. Can we meet these demands?
According to the tasks and preparation of each department, we unified deployment of core cadres. Now, there are still a lack of 68 military cadres and 91 civil cadres. It is suggested to solve it in three ways as follow:
First, deploy cadres from inland military sub-commands. Especially those 57 regimental cadres, who ever participated in major maritime rights protection actions, should be added in according to the law.
Second, select civil cadres. Cadres from the fishery, fishery administration system and grassroots-level department, who have rich experience in maritime rights protection, should be selected as a commander.
Third, apply to the superior for dispatch. Apply to the National Defense Mobilization Department for urgently dispatching some cadres with rich experience in maritime rights protection.
End of report

Record Part VII


Good job! Such mobilization at sea is very important! Apart from what you just mentioned, the issue of mobilization at sea must be resolved!
The National Defense Mobilization Center and the political work department should reasonably allocate manpowers and core team, and the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee should cooperate with the relevant work.
Next, we will continue to study the combat in novel-domains and capabilities. Let me ask a question. I mentioned that the ship needs to add more than 2,000 pieces of high-tech equipment. How is everything prepared?
With more than 2,000 pieces of high-tech equipment, 480 drones and 70 unmanned boats are currently in place. Need to catch up to switch control.
Regarding drones, the mobilization center of our province, Shenzhen Alltech and Dongguan Zhongchuang have a monthly production capacity of 80 units. It is recommended to urgently mobilize 9 companies with this production capacity, including Shenzhen Smart Drone UVA, Dongguan Zhongchuang Intelligent Equipment and Guangzhou Hopong Helicopter Remote, to cooperate and produce.
关于无人机,我省动员中心,深圳科卫泰,东莞XX(疑似洋华或阳华),月产能80架,建议紧急动员深圳智航,东莞众创,XXXXX, 广州红鹏等9家有这个生产能力的企业配合推进。
Regarding unmanned boats, the unmanned boat mobilization center of our province, Zhuhai Yunzhou, and Jianglong Shipbuilding have a monthly production capacity of 90 units. Both tasks can be completed on time. (Company's name to be verified)
However, considering it may face the impact of laborers leaving and supply chain disruption. It is recommended to take the following countermeasures:
First, organize designated enterprises, take measures to hold the workers staying in position, and transfer personnel of the same type from other enterprises to make up for the task gap of designated enterprises.
Second, adopt the method of purchasing from other provinces and fixed-point production, to ensure the supply of raw materials.
Third, ask the transportation department, take measures such as opening up green channels to ensure all kinds of transportation. That's all.
Our province has massive networks and network technology advantages.
According to the needs of mobilization tasks, how to choose the best among the best, and how to tap the potential energy of the network hidden in the civil field to support operations? Any thoughts?
The superiors asked us to mobilize. We have 15 teams, there is currently a deficit of 6 teams in total 60 people, and 32 network experts in the industrial control system industry. Our opinion is to mobilize key high-tech companies such as QiAnXin, Huawei, Tencent to increase the corresponding allocation and meet the needs of the military.
On the other hand, from China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Company, Guangzhou Metro Group and other large enterprises, an appropriate number of network experts in the industrial control system industry will be recruited.
Meanwhile, the three major network industry associations such as the Computer Network Security Association, the Provincial Network Security Association, and the Provincial Threat Intelligence Data Alliance will further help with their potential.
In addition, we will work with relevant industry authorities to strengthen the monitoring, early warning and security protection of information systems in the financial, energy, electricity, transportation industries and information systems. Ensure that the security grid defense line in key areas won’t be penetrated.
We must hurry up the mobilization of network support and complete the task with quality and quantity. The combat in novel-domains and capabilities also includes space support, our province has strong commercial satellite production and assembly capabilities, and Guangzhou has a full commercial aerospace industry chain.
Shenzhen can find all satellite supporting companies. Can we take the initiative to use our advantages in this area to contribute to the war?
Commander, we currently rely on Zhuhai Obit, Shenzhen Dongfanghong, Foshan Deya and Jihua Laboratory, four satellite teams, a total of 16 low-orbit satellites, with global remote sensing 0.5 to 10 meters ultra-high optical resolution imaging capabilities.
Although these resources are directly deployed by the military, the enterprises where the resources are located belong to our province, and we have a duty to ensure that these forces play a good role.
According to the coordination and docking with the troops in the early stage, I feel that there are two aspects that need to be paid attention to.
First, take the initiative to serve the enterprises in the front, and the competent industry departments will send special personnel to the enterprises to provide services, stabilize the backbone technical personnel, and support the key bone network facilities. Make sure that the satellite data is transmitted back.
Second, do a good job in the safety protection of satellite receiving stations. At present, there are four ground receiving stations in our province, including one in Zhuhai, one in Mohe in Heilongjiang, one in Wusu in Xinjiang, and one in Gaomi in Shandong. For the Zhuhai military-civilian joint command in our province, should make it an important defense target, join the joint defense system.
If it is distributed in other provinces, it is recommended to notify relevant provinces to pay attention through the strategic coordination group.
In addition, it is necessary to make preparations for emergency production during wartime, master the commercial satellite industry chain and supply chain, and work with related enterprises to do a good job in the reserve of production materials and the prefabrication of production lines.
Once necessary, relevant departments will quickly respond and actively coordinate, shorten the approval cycle, speed up the emergency production of commercial satellites, and increase the resources of high-tech enterprises in our province.
That's all.
Regarding the mobilization of combat in novel-domains and capabilities, the relevant departments should follow the functional division of labor and do a good job in the implementation of tasks. Let's finish this study here.
Commander Zhou He, what's your opinion?
Zhou He: (Major General of the People's Liberation Army, Commander of the Guangdong Military Region)
In principle, I agree with the National Defense Mobilization Center's mobilization task and implementation task proposal, agree with other comrades' opinions, and have no other supplementary opinions.
What about you, Political Commissar Wang Shouxin?
Wang Shouxin: ( Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Provincial Military Region )
I would like to add a comment on overseas mobilization.

Record Part VIII


Overseas mobilization is an important support for the strategic victory against Taiwan. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of our province having a large number of overseas Chinese immigrants from our province, many state-owned and private enterprises going abroad, and many economic and trade cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road.
Adopt the method of covering the army with the people and supporting the army with the people, sometimes hidden, sometimes revealed, and mobilizing the purchase of high-end chips, precision machinery, special materials and other materials that are in short supply in China. As well as large quantities of strategic reserve materials such as oil, grain, minerals, etc., to solve the dilemma of the Western Alliance's pursuit and interception of strategic materials in the wartime, vigorously mobilize overseas Chinese immigrants and groups, actively participate in supporting and safeguarding our military operations, and increase the introduction of special professionals. Strive to make sure the global resources are available to us and ensure that foreign aid is effective and efficient.
Just now, the National Defense Mobilization Center reported on the implementation of the mobilization task. All units and departments should follow a clear division of responsibilities and implement them without compromise. Everyone discussed issues related to the recruitment of soldiers and the new recruits in the new domain, and it was very good. 刚才国防动员中心,汇报了动员任务落实建议,各单位,各部门要按照明确的职责分工,不打折扣,抓好落实。大家围绕兵员征召,积极支援支前新域新质动员有关问题做出了讨论,讲的很好。
Political commissar Wang Shouxin put forward very good opinions on overseas mobilization, and I agree with him. Next, I would like to emphasize three points:
First, we must strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, gather our strength to return to unity, and contain strategic decisive victory. It is a battle of reunification, a battle of revival, which can only be successful but not failure. Order consciousness, resolutely implement, all energy, focus on the war, all work serves the war, all resources are tilted to the war, and contribute to the realization of the complete reunification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the nation.
Second, we exploit our advantages and strength integrally, fully ensure to win (the war/combat). From the forefront of reform to the front line of aid, fully exploit the economic advance, largely mobilize resources with in the province and the overseas’, make the full use of the maritime potential, effectively support the combat operations of the troops, fully exploit to the advantages of the organization (communist ideology established organizations and systems), fully release the potential of new areas and new systems (and combat in novel-domains and capabilities ), and effectively improve The combat effectiveness of the troops, fully exploit to the advantages of talents of individuals, gather think tanks in various fields to provide intellectual support for the strategic victory. (By doing all of these), this will expand the overall potential resources of our province.
Third, we must resolutely complete the task and help the decisive battle. The decisive victory at all levels must be based on the most difficult and complex situations, and be fully prepared. The main leaders must stand in the front, and the front line must be supported. All departments must cooperate closely and efficiently meet the needs.
第三,要坚决完成任务, 助力决战决胜,各级要立足最困难最复杂情况,做好万全准备,主要领导要以上率下,冲锋在前,挺战一线,各部门,要密切配合,高效满足需求。
We must go all out to implement it, to ensure that the recruited troops and mobilized materials will be put into the front line continuously and normally. The plan of mobilization task is done.
Next, please let Commander Zhou
下面 请周河司令员
Organize research and planning, ground defense combat missions
Zhou He: Comrades!
Next, we will study the determination of directional ground defense operations. First, the command and control center will report the decision-making recommendations.
下面研究定向地面防卫作战决心 ,首先由指挥控制中心汇报决行建议。
Commander! According to the order of the Eastern and Southern Theater Command, the ground defense operations in our province need to be organized and implemented in two situations:
The first is to participate in ground defense operations in the four cities in eastern Guangdong. Under the unified command of the Eastern Theater Command, the Guangdong Armed Police Corps. The command post was dispatched to lead the organization with 7,000 local militiamen.
第一种,是参加粤东四市地面防卫作战。在东部战区的统一指挥下,由武警广东总队 派驻指挥所牵头组织,当地基干民兵約(改为:民兵编制)7000人参加。
The second is to take the lead in organizing ground defense operations in 17 cities other than eastern Guangdong, and the joint military-civilian command will take the lead in organizing them.
第二种,牵头组织,粤东以外 17个市的地面防卫作战,由本军地联合指挥部牵头组织,
The distribution forces include: the Guangdong Armed Police Corps (excluding the four cities in eastern Guangdong), the sixth detachment of the Armed Police Second Mobile Corps, a mobile brigade and Coast Guard 311 Brigade, and the second militia battalion with a total of about 26,000 people.
配送力量有 :武警广东总队 (不含粤东四市力量),武警第二机动总队第六支队,现一个机动大队和海防311旅,现第二民兵团共约2.6万人。
According to the plan, ground defense operations around 17 cities.
Among the recommendations are the following:
1、Guidance on defense Resolutely implement the joint command center of the theater, and adhere to the combat guidance of defense before attacking, regional joint defense, comprehensive deployment and control, elite troops, combination of defense and countermeasures, and focus on protection. Strictly organize the defense of important targets in the jurisdiction, coastal guided maneuver defense, and social stability and chaos, protest the US counterattack, maintain the security of important targets, and maintain social stability. With the overall security and stability of the jurisdiction, it can effectively support the strategic decision-making against Taiwan.
坚决贯彻战区联合指挥中心,坚持未攻先防,区域联防 ,全面布控,精兵制要,防反结合,注重防护的作战指导。严密组织辖区重要目标防卫,海岸导引机动防卫,和社会维稳治乱,抗议美国打击,维护重要目标安全,维持社会稳定。以辖区总体安全稳定,有效支撑对台战略决胜。
Second, the focus of defense
According to the theater command and our province's plan, the main defense directions are determined as:
Defense of Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen and Huizhou
The key defense areas are:
Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Yangjiang area
Important defense targets include important military targets such as the theater joint operations command center and maritime operations sub-center, as well as important civilian targets such as the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and the South China Power Grid. At the same time, we must also concentrate on effectively preventing and reducing the risk of resource cut-off and industrial breakdowns,and make more and more efforts to mobilize and counter-mobilize. Powerfully mobilize domestic and overseas people, and ensure the security of supply of important strategic materials. 重要防卫目标包括,战区联合作战指挥中心,海上作战分中心等重要军事目标,以及大亚湾核电站,华南电网等重要民事目标。
Three about defense measures 三、关于防卫措施
According to the plan, taking the city as a unit and according to the administrative divisions, 17 defense divisions are compiled, as well as the coastal control group, the network information protection group, the mobile combat area and the logistics support team.
Create a land-shore connection, point-to-surface integration, flexible and defensive measures that have both defense and war. Among them, 17 cities and 17 defense divisions are composed of various militiamen, public security, emergency forces, and municipal armed police internal security detachments.
建立陆岸衔结,点面结合,灵活弹性,防战兼备的防卫措施。其中 17个市,17个防卫分区由各市民兵,公安,应急力量,及市武警内卫支队编成。
The three executive detachments directly under the PAP (Armed Police Force) are assigned to the Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen defense divisions on the spot. The network information protection group and target security team remain unchanged according to the plan.
武警总队直属的三个執行支队,就地配属给广州,珠海,深圳防卫分区,海岸总动群由 海防311旅大部兵力编成。网络信息防护群和目标保障队,按方案不变。
Regarding the use of other attachments, we have two options.
关于其他配属力量使用 我们有两个方案。
First, concentrated use of the Armed Police Guangzhou Corps Mobile Detachment Six Armed Police Mobile Detachments, now a mobile brigade and part of the Coast Guard 311 Brigade, a total of about 6,000 people are organized into three mobile groups, deployed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhanjiang. Responsible for mobile support and counter-terrorism and stability maintenance tasks in the Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong.
第一案,集中使用 将武警广州总队机动支队 武警机动六支队,现一个机动大队和海防311旅部分力量,共约6000人编为三个机动群,配置在深圳,广州,湛江地区。担负珠三角和粤西地区机动支援和反恐维稳任务。
Second, decentralized use four brigades of the Sixth Armed Police Mobile Detachment, with about 1,600 people, were assigned to Shanwei, Huizhou, Yangjiang and Heyuan respectively.
第二案,分散使用 将武警机动六支队的四个大队约1600人,分别配属给汕尾,惠州,阳江,河源。
The Coast Guard 311 Brigade's two coastal defense groups, with about 500 people carrying light weapons, were assigned to the six important military targets of Foshan and Zhanjiang. The defense tasks were heavier, and their own defense forces were weak and should be strengthened.
Third, the other subordinate forces of nearly 4,000 people, under the control of the headquarters, are organized into mobile combat groups, with four sub-groups, each sub-group is responsible for the mobile defense of an area, targeting the exit of the military and the large-scale riots in the Pearl River Delta.
Fourth, with regard to defense command, relying on the provincial, municipal, and county-level military-civilian joint command organizations, the headquarters establishes a synergistic relationship with the Guangzhou coastal defense cluster, the Nanning air combat cluster, and the large-area combat maneuver support combat cluster within its jurisdiction, as well as relevant important target units.
四 ,关于防卫指挥,依托省市县三级军地结合指挥机构,指挥部与广州近海防卫集群,南宁空中作战機群,以及辖区内大区作战 机动支援作战群,相关重要目标单位建立协同关系。
Fifth, the time limit for completing the preparations. It is recommended that all preparations be completed before 12:00 on May 9, 6 hours earlier than the time specified by the theater.
五,完成准备时限 建议于5月9日12时前完成各项准备,比战区明确的时间提前6小时。
The report is complete!
Is there anything else to add to the charge center?
I will add a report!
When studying the defense operation plan, we mainly grasp three principles.
First, adhere to the overall joint defense, give full play to the joint efforts of the party, government, army, police and people, and waging a war with all the people through joint prevention and control.
Second, adhere to flexible arrangements, and on the basis of defending points and controlling surfaces, master capable forces at all levels to implement mobile support.
Third, adhere to the bottom-line thinking, fully anticipate that our key targets will be attacked by the enemy, and emergencies such as turmoil in megacities, and deploy forces to properly respond.
Regarding the use of attached power, two schemes are proposed:
First, it mainly focuses on maintaining stability and controlling chaos, especially for large-scale riots that may occur in the two megacities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the concentrated use of armed police mobile forces can quickly respond to emergencies and effectively maintain social stability.
第一,主要突出维稳治乱,特别是针对广州 深圳两个特大城市可能发生的,大规模骚乱事件,武警机动力量集中使用,可以快速应对突发事件,有效维护社会稳定。
Second, it mainly focuses on the defense of important targets, deploys some of the elite forces to the above configuration, and deploys them in advance to improve the key guarding and quick counter strike capabilities of the defense divisions.
Once it is estimated that there will be riots in the Pearl River Delta region, the four mobile combat groups can quickly gather to respond.
We prefer the second case. 我们倾向第二案。
Do you have any suggestions for the two programs proposed by the accusation center?
I am inclined to the first case.
The reason is that the population-intensive industries in the Pearl River Delta are concentrated, and more than 80% of the resources in novel-domains and capabilities are concentrated in this area. It can be said that if the Pearl River Delta is stabilized, Guangdong will be stabilized. Once the Pearl River Delta is in chaos, it will seriously affect the implementation of the mobilization task. and sustained mobilization. Therefore, the defense focus should be placed on the Pearl River Delta region.
The report is complete!
Commander, I prefer the second case.
Based on two considerations.
First, from the perspective of combat objectives, the core of defense operations is the defense target. Where there are many targets and where the targets are important, troops will be allocated where they are. Important targets such as airports, ports, combat positions, and nuclear power plants in the theater must be deployed with elite troops.
Second, from the perspective of the threat of the enemy situation, it is mainly special warfare special attack and latent special destruction. In the second case, some of the elite forces were assigned to the defense division, and some of the elite forces were supported in the area, which was conducive to the realization of comprehensive control and the need for elite troops.
The report is complete!
Commander, I am leaning towards the first case!
There are two reasons
First, it is convenient to concentrate superior forces for mobile support, and the command headquarters can directly grasp more superior forces, which is convenient for dealing with the uncertainty of defense operations.
Second, it is convenient to maintain social stability in megacities. In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a certain scale of troops are stationed together to facilitate the formation of deterrence, and they can be dealt with quickly in case of situations.
The report is complete!
Do other comrades have any additional comments?
Okay, everyone has talked a lot about this issue. Does the command and control center have any difficulty in defending nuclear power plant equipment and high-risk sensitive targets?
commander! There are four nuclear power plants in Daya Bay, Ling'ao, Taishan and Yangjiang in our province, which are respectively under the responsibility of Shenzhen, Jiangmen and Yangjiang security divisions.
The difficulty for nuclear power plants is how to rescue them in the event of a leak. We consider that, in general, rescue operations are organized on-site and off-site separately. On-site is organized by the self-sustaining force of the nuclear power plant, and various defense divisions are responsible for the off-site. If necessary, ask the relevant national professional rescue forces for support.
The report is complete!
Besides the cities, what other nuclear defense forces are there at the provincial level?
commander! There are also radiation environment monitoring, nuclear and biochemical support, and biochemical medical testing in the Guangzhou area, but the overall scale is small.
Okay, this is the end of the study. Vice Governor Zhizhong, do you have any comments on the defense operations?
Wang Zhizhong: (Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province,Director of the Provincial Public Security Department )
We will organize the public security forces to fully participate, about the Military-civilian joint defense I have no other opinions!
Okay, what else do you think about the commissar of defense operations?
Wang Shouxin:
I have two comments
First, strengthen the protection of the political field. Judging from the recent local wars, especially the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States and the West will try their best to slander and smear me, try to confuse right and wrong, and shake my will to win a just and decisive battle. We must give full play to the legal struggle of public opinion, psychology and the role of the militia team, strengthen the guidance of public opinion and psychological protection, and gather the positive energy of patriotism and support of the army.
Second, give full play to the advantages of people's war, fully absorb the experience of epidemic prevention and control in previous years, fully mobilize grass-roots organizations, widely mobilize cadres and the masses, organize military, police and civilian forces, carry out grid management and control, create an atmosphere for the whole people to prepare for war, and improve the people's endurance to bear war disasters , so that the enemy's spy has no place to hide.
Governor, do you have any other comments here?
Wang Weizhong:
No opinion, please make up your mind commander! 没有意见,请司令员定下决心!
Just now, the Command and Control Center put forward suggestions for defense operations, and everyone expressed their opinions from different aspects. According to the orders of the Sub-center of the Southern Theater Command and the actual situation of our province, my determination for the defense operations is as follows:
1、Regarding defense guidance, in principle, I agree with the command and control center's suggestion. The ground defense operations in the southern theater should basically be supported by land stability to support the main battlefield in the Taiwan Strait. Specifically, our province should grasp two points.
1、 Ensure the safety of important targets, ensure the stability of the joint combat system, support the Taiwan Strait and deny enemy annihilation operations.
2、 Maintain social stability, maintain mobilization potential, and provide strong support for the South Wing of Taiwan, with the overall security and stability of the jurisdiction.
Second, regarding the important defense areas, in addition to Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shenzhen, and Yangjiang, the Zhanjiang area has important targets such as Zhanjiang Port, Suining Airport, and radar stations, which are the key areas in the South China Sea to deny the frontline enemy forces, and they must also be heavily defended.
Third, with regard to the deployment of defense and the use of active-duty forces.
In principle, I agree with the second plan. The clear and important goals of the theater are related to the stability of the joint combat system. It is necessary to control the forces and ensure security. While the mobile combat forces are supported by divisions, they must be prepared for the deployment of troops and centralized handling of emergencies.
In addition, make two adjustments.
First, the use of nuclear rescue forces. The province's nuclear rescue forces are limited. On the basis of relying on Shenzhen, Jiangmen, and Yangjiang's own strengths, we should organize professional forces in the Guangzhou area, compile them into nuclear rescue forces, and coordinate rescue needs in Guangzhou. Implement mobile rescue, and at the same time add nuclear experts to the command center to provide assistance in decision making for rescue operations.
Second, the use of network protection forces, in principle, the network protection is mainly responsible for the own security team. The provincial network information protection group will provide support, and the support force must be strengthened.
In addition to the support of the technical support team of the service organization, the preparation of network experts should be added to provide support for the preparation of network security incidents. 除编组的技术支援分队以外,还要增加网络专家團隊,为网络安全事件处置提供护送支持。
For other content, I agree with the suggestion of the accusation center.
After the meeting, according to the spirit of the meeting, organize and report our province's determination to mobilize and fight for defense. Dismissed!
According to the deployment of the provincial military-civilian joint headquarters, and the military-civilian joint headquarters of each city held a symposium to understand the task, develop intelligence, and coordinate the upper and lower levels to plan synchronously.
Report to the head, the plenary session is over!

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